Ctrl for iPad

iOS App

An all-in-one interface for building and running custom control setups.
Including MIDI, OSC, HTTP, TCP and UDP support with the addition of dedicated interface modules.


macOS Windows App

CommsKit is a powerful multi-protocol testing & monitoring platform with an intuitive back to basics interface crafted for all skill levels. Put simply; testing as it should be.

Ctrl for iPad

With Ctrl, the power is truly in your hands.
It's control redefined

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Ctrl for iPad 2.1.1

11 Jun 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Adds custom OSC binding for incoming commands, QuickPatch for all modules and improvements for Go To Interface buttons and commands

Ctrl for iPad 2.1.0

11 May 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Version 2.1.0 adds linear interfaces, audio and video playback, vertical interfaces, additions for APIs and lots of core improvements

Ctrl for iPad 2.0.6

05 Mar 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Minor update for internal validation of upgrades

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