All in One Build, Edit and Run. All from one interface

With Ctrl there's no need to ever leave the app. Create workspaces quickly, make changes in realtime and be ready to run your workspace all with a tap of a few buttons.

Mix and Match Trigger multiple commands using multiple protocols

Build advanced interfaces with the flexible rules and command system. Trigger outputs using MIDI, OSC, HTTP, TCP and UDP or mix them to control multiple device types.

Share Work between device multiple devices with ease

Why limit yourself to one device? Easily import and export workspaces and share between devices with file sharing and AirDrop support.

Customise Make Ctrl your own with custom control palettes

Design colour palettes for your workspaces that match specifications.
Use the in-app palette builder or access pre-built styles online.

Make Ctrl your own with our dedicated Palette Builder

Open Palette Builder



Buttons that allow control with single or multiple touches


Sliders that allow control with a variable value output


Steppers that allow variable control with set intervals


Descriptors that allow for information to be added your workspace


Custom built modules that control third party hardware & software



Control ELM stages and view changes in real time with the Media Picker control.
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Control the active content in MADRIX with Storage Button controls and view playback with the Output Preview.
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Use the Playlist control to manage the active playlist and search for tracks. Use the Volume control to change playback volume in real time.

Network Tools

The Device Watcher control allows you to monitor the status and response time of devices on a network.

Design, edit and operate, all from one interface. Everything you could need is right at your finger tips

Tech Specs

  • Supported Platform(s)
  • iPad running iOS 11 or later
  • Control Protocols
  • MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  • OSC Open Sound Control
  • TCP Transmission Control Protocol
  • UDP User Datagram Protocol
  • Response Protocols
  • OSC via Direct Control
  • HTTP via Response Rules
  • TCP Beta
  • Workspaces
  • Total Workspaces ∞*
  • Pages per Workspace ∞*
  • Controls per Page 4x5 (20 max)**
  • Customise Workspace Yes*
  • Import & Export Files Yes*
  • * With Ctrl Pro
  • ** When using 1x1 size controls

Ctrl for iPad
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