HTTP Response Rules

Please note HTTP Response Rules is a beta function

Response Rules allow commands sent using the HTTP method to be processed and provide feedback to the workspace. Controls maybe grouped using the Response Group function to allow for systems such as switchers to be quickly constructed.

Response Format

By default, Response Rules are disabled. To enable, select either Text or JSON as the format.

  • Text format will be handle most responsed where object notation is not required
  • JSON will explicitly handle object data with the ability to look for specific keys


Each rule consists of a logic based request which is made up of five editable parts.

Example if [res] [equals] [value] then [set label] [Hello World]

  • Response res - The response presented by the HTTP request
    • (for JSON res.status would give the value at the status key)
  • Operator - The method used to match
    • Equals, Not Equal, Contains, Not Empty
  • Match - The value to match against the response
  • Command - The action to complete if the logic is correct
    • Set Label, Set Theme, Flash Control,Display Alert, Disable Control
  • Value - The value to used with command - (for JSON, objects can be returned (Example res.status would give the value at the status key)
    • Set Label value will be new label
    • Set Theme the theme number of the Default Colours palette
    • Display Alert the text of the alert