Workspace Metadata

The metadata is the workspace information that includes the name and author. This information will be displayed during Import.

Workspace Name

This is the Display Name of the workspace. Please note this does not alter the file name.

Workspace Author

This is the Author of the workspace and is empty by default Custom Logo The logo is displayed in the top left corner of the main workspace, by default this will be the Ctrl logo. To set a custom logo, tap 'Choose' and select an image from the Photo Library. You can reset the logo to the default by tapping 'Reset'.

For the optimum result use square images (256*256px) without transparencies.

Export Workspace

See Import & Export a Workspace

Workspace Passcode

  • Set Passcode
    • Tap 'Set Passcode', enter a new passcode and confirm the passcode
  • Change Passcode
    • Tap 'Change Passcode', enter the current passcode, enter a new passcode then confirm
  • Delete Passcode
    • Tap 'Delete Passcode', enter the current passcode

Security Options

Name Description Requires Passcode
Edit Workspace The workspace passcode will be required to edit the workspace Yes
Open Settings The workspace passcode will be requred to open the settings Yes
Delete Protection The workspace will not be able to deleted when active No
Single Workspace The app will launch into and run only the current workspace No