Modules & Palettes

The 'Modules & Palettes' tab can an be found and enabled within Settings > Modules & Palettes.


The modules section allows for optional modules to be enabled and disabled as required. When transfering workspaces between devices, Ctrl will attempt to enable optional modules, where required. Workspaces that contain disabled modules will display 'Module Disabled'.

Name Description
Buttons Buttons that allow control with single or multiple touches
Sliders Sliders that allow control with a variable value
Steppers Steppers that allow control with a set of values
Descriptors Useful modules for displaying information oi your workspace
Globals Global control of system parameters and special types
Network Tools [Beta] Useful modules for viewing and testing network connected devices
Spotify Control Spotify playback, playlists and volume. Spotify Premium required
ENTTEC Control ENTTEC's ELM software with dedicated modules
MADRIX Control MADRIX software with dedicated modules


Palettes are made up on 14 themes which define a background colour, border colour and font colour.

By default, Ctrl comes with the palette Default Colours enabled. Additional in-house and custom palettes are located on the Palette Builder page.

For info on importing palettes, see Import a Custom Palette.