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Ctrl for iPad 2.1.1

11 Jun 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Adds custom OSC binding for incoming commands, QuickPatch for all modules and improvements for Go To Interface buttons and commands

Ctrl for iPad 2.1.0

11 May 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Version 2.1.0 adds linear interfaces, audio and video playback, vertical interfaces, additions for APIs and lots of core improvements

Ctrl for iPad 2.0.6

05 Mar 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Minor update for internal validation of upgrades

CommsKit 1.2.0

03 Mar 2020 CommsKit Release

Version 1.2.0 provides a major update adding the ability to setup Outbound Routes and introducing a redesigned user interface

Ctrl for iPad 2.0.5

15 Feb 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Version 2.0.5 provides a minor fix for language support and removes currently un-configured languages.

Ctrl for iPad 2.0.4

16 Jan 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Version 2.0.4 adds single slot support for the ELM media picker, updates editor validation and fixes internal comms for use in a Ctrl session.

Ctrl for iPad 2.0.3

13 Jan 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Version 2.0.3 adds more OSC API methods, the ability to build interface navigation and an overhaul of the in app manual. To allow users to test Ctrl Pro before purchase we have also enabled Pro modules during the trial period.

Ctrl for iPad 2.0.2

05 Jan 2020 Ctrl for iPad Release

Added full support for HTTP requests with the ability to set the method, headers and body of a request, added controls to allow interface navigation and updates for ENTTEC ELM module.

Ctrl for iPad 2.0.1

03 Dec 2019 Ctrl for iPad Release

Minor fix to restore missing Volume Stepper control.

Ctrl for iPad 2.0.0

21 Nov 2019 Ctrl for iPad Release

Major release of Ctrl for iPad which brings performance improvements, new interface layouts and much more.

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